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A world where you rediscover your life energy...

Yavuz Park Homes is a project with a land area of 1.000 m2 which is consisting of 10 flats, was built according to first class construction standards. It is a candidate to be the best decision of your life with its extraordinary landscape, meticulous architecture and social opportunities, which is dominated by green, among all the colors of nature. Yavuz Park Homes is a world where every child grows up in harmony with nature, with confidence and joy, and where parents rediscover peace and life energy away from the noise and chaos of the city.

You will happily reap the rewards of your investment in Yavuz Park Homes , whether it is for your child or for your future.

  • Description: Housing Project
  • Number of Flats: 10
  • Number of Workplaces: 6
  • Land Area: 1.500 m2
  • Location: Başiskele / Kocaeli Go To Location
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Yavuz Park Evleri Yavuz Park Evleri Yavuz Park Evleri Yavuz Park Evleri Yavuz Park Evleri Yavuz Park Evleri

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